Archived — Dave Coad

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Timberline Secondary School
1681 South Dogwood Street
Campbell River BC V9W 8C1

Principal: Kevin Harrison
School Tel.: 250-923-9500
School Fax: 250-923-9525
School Email:
School Website:

Subjects and grades taught: 2-3D Animation, Game Design, Digital Photography, Programming and Digital Art for grades 10-12

Teaching Approach

Did you ever want to look like a blue, long-tailed animated version of yourself? Look no further, David Coad’s students can help you out! Making sure his students have access to state of the art equipment and planning hundreds of lessons online through Camtasia software, Mr. Coad lets his students learn at their own pace and maximizes the time he can help each one individually. Students get so motivated in Mr. Coad’s classes and learn to use software and techniques so well that sometimes they end up teaching him!

Outstanding Achievements

  • Mr. Coad became the first in his district to teach animation, game design and digital photography. He has tailored his courses to teach students of all abilities, including a digital scrapbooking lesson for students with special needs with page layouts they can easily add their own photos to.
  • Mr. Coad’s programming is so innovative that his model sparked interest and cemented a relationship between the digital new media industry and the City of Campbell River. His programming has even received acclaim from a veteran filmmaker from Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Over 12 years, Mr. Coad raised over $75,000 in funds by teaching evening courses and has been able to purchase the necessary equipment for his classroo Mr. Coad goes above and beyond his responsibilities and has, on his own time, taught day-long classical animation courses to elementary school students, showing them that anything is possible.

Rave Reviews

"I fondly remember hanging out in Mr. Coad’s lab and still look forward to a visit with him whenever I’m in Campbell River. My career choice and subsequent success is definitely a result of Mr. Coad’s influence as a teacher and mentor. Thank you Mr. Coad!"

Former student

"The public school system would truly benefit from more teachers that are like Dave Coad – an individual who has a passion for his job and a real sense of caring for those students who are willing to learn. I still stay in touch with Mr. Coad to this day (…). He is interested in how I am doing and interested in any information about the industry that he can pass on to his current students."

Former student

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