Archived — Peter Katsionis

Year: 2013 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School
7055 Heather Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6P 3P7

Principal: Jack Bailey
School Telephone: 604-713-8189
School website: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

Subjects and grades taught: Law, Social Justice for Grade 12

Teaching approach

After 32 years of teaching, people still remark how evident it is that Peter Katsionis loves what he does. His values-based leadership teaches both his students and his colleagues to leave no stone unturned. He promotes social justice and has infused his teaching with not only the content needed to understand these issues, but the techniques through which students can one day make a difference.

Outstanding achievements

  • A pioneer of online education in B.C., Katsionis, along with a couple of colleagues, acted on an opportunity to make it available in schools. Katsionis is currently one of a handful of teachers who is piloting "blended learning", where students in a classroom setting work online. The program is student-centred and the teacher acts more as a facilitator.
  • Even though his students' work is largely based in the technological environment, Katsionis does not sacrifice valuable hands-on activities. Every year, he organizes an off-site mock trial for his law students at the local courthouse. The students get assigned a role, wear gowns and get full treatment from courthouse representatives.
  • Katsionis is often found spending his summers addressing school concerns. When budget cutbacks limited the ability to purchase textbooks, he created an online computer-based course for students to access the curriculum. When the school lacked enough academic support for students with learning disabilities, Katsionis designed a special hand-timetabled course which adapted the curriculum to meet their individual needs.

Rave reviews

It was in Mr. Katsionis' class that I learned how to compose a proper essay, how to speak in public with confidence and how to work independently as well as in a group atmosphere. Mr. Katsionis is one of the few teachers who have made a difference in my life. He not only taught me the importance of education but how to apply it in my daily life.

Past student

Peter is in the unique position of being an online teacher, a classroom teacher, a course designer and an author all at the same time. (…) His classes are anything but static; new content, different techniques and open communication are the hallmarks of his teaching style.

Acting Principal, Vancouver Learning Network

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