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Glyn Davies

Year: 2015 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Glyn Davies

Anderson Elementary School
9460 Alberta Road
Richmond, British Columbia V6Y 1T6

Principal: Mrs. Pamela Essex
School telephone: 604-668-6355
School email:
School website: Anderson Elementary School

Subjects and grades taught: All subjects for Grades 6-7

Glyn Davies' goal is to make each school year the "best ever". He accomplishes his goal by making learning enjoyable for his students and by passionately presenting topics of study that relate to students' personal interests and passions.

Teaching approach

Mr. Davies' teaching style comprises a combination of leadership and hands-on education; students facilitate the learning in his classroom, which allows them to be empowered and invested in their education experience.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Sole Canadian recipient of the 2013 Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence, one of nine awards given out in North America;
  • His students have transformed empty rooms into international space stations, solar systems, aquariums, jungles, dragster racing arenas, and more. They take on roles such as marine biologists, astronauts, astrophysicists and engineers and proceed to passionately teach countless visitors;
  • Invited to tour schools in Beijing, China to share inspirational messages to thousands of students;
  • He was chosen by the BC government to write lessons about Terry Fox for elementary students and received the Plaque of Recognition for service rendered to the Terry Fox 2014 Humanitarian National Award Program;
  • Recipient of the Richmond Outstanding Community (U-ROC) Award;
  • Used technology and social media to teach and reach the larger community. Via Skype, Davies' students gave a virtual tour of a coral reef to a Grade 4 class and used Twitter to invite the public to visit educational projects hosted at local malls.

Rave reviews

Mr. Davies' philosophy is to inspire and enable students to go beyond confined learning—to purposefully research, design, create, share, and make the world a better place! Thirty years ago, Glyn Davies chose to set a goal of becoming a master teacher to inspire, value, and empower students to passionately become experts at whatever subject they study, to live with purpose, and share the thrill of bringing learning to life.


As an ambassador for education, and the pedagogical care for children, Mr. Davies, is by any measure, a master teacher.


When I displayed interests in writing, drawing and making films, and other different ways of doing assignments, Mr. Davies encouraged them all and built new assignments around them. Those lessons about responsibility, self-discipline and compassion have stayed with me.

Former student
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