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Sylvia Duckworth

Year: 2015 — Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Sylvia Duckworth

Crescent School
2365 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M2L 1A2

Principal: Mr. Michael Fellin
School telephone: 416-449-2556
School email:
School website: Crescent School

Subjects and grades taught: Grades 3-5, Core French

Learning a new language can be a daunting experience for young students. Mrs. Sylvia Duckworth's motivation to enrich her curriculum through technology and desire to share her expertise with her peers are some of the many reasons she is a sought-out leader in her field.

Teaching approach

Mrs. Duckworth is a strong believer in the Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) and embraces digital tools such as Google Hangouts, computer animation and video-making to increase learning, engagement and motivation in her classroom.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Initiated the "Coding Club" at her school, enabling students to acquire essential 21st century skills for the future job market;
  • Her social media connections allows students to participate in international collaborative projects such as the Quick Response barcode Christmas Card where they exchanged online cards with children worldwide;
  • Hosted "Technology in the Classroom" presentations for colleagues to teach them how to use Smart Boards, iPads, and laptops as effective tools in French language classrooms;
  • Initiated the "iMovie Club" where students learn the process of movie-making from the initial planning stage to the final product, all in French, with an emphasis on critical-thinking and leadership;
  • Pioneered the Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) for French language learning which is now used in 5,000 schools across Canada;
  • Started a "Mandarin Club" without being able to speak the language! She studied with a tutor and now encourages her students to speak in French and Mandarin.

Rave reviews

The professional development she offers both face-to-face and virtually is second to none


I have called Sylvia my 'tech guru', and after three decades of teaching French, I find myself excited about implementing something I have learned from one of her workshops or discovered on one of her blogs or websites.


I observed Sylvia employing hands-on strategies and problem-solving activities into daily teaching practices in a way that truly motivates the boys in her class

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