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John Procyk

Year: 2015 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

John Procyk

Point Grey Secondary School
5350 East Boulevard
Vancouver, British Columbia V6M 3V2

Principal: Mr. K. Gill
School telephone: 604-713-8220
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: Science for Grades 8-12

There are no right or wrong ways to solve a problem in Mr. Procyk's classroom; the value lies in the learning experience. Mr. Procyk encourages his students to refine their critical-thinking skills by inviting them to embark on a journey of learning and discovery through his innovative and challenging lab projects.

Teaching approach

Mr. Procyk teaches his students to be innovative in completing their assignments. His science labs are challenging and are designed to draw on students' problem-solving skills rather than focusing on rote work and linear design.

Outstanding achievements:

  • In the 1990s, he had his science students doing projects using broadband internet donated by Rogers before many homes were online;
  • Works with Leadership students to have them actively involved in the design, purchase, setup and maintenance of the school's computer lab, website and email system;
  • Created a Leadership class that gives students opportunities to mentor younger students, plan a wide variety of enrichment activities for their peers and to communicate school achievements to the parent community;
  • Organizes multi-day field trips for 150 students to an enrichment camp in September, a Winter Retreat in January and a camping trip for grades 9 and 10 to the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival in June;
  • Acts as the leader for over 90 students that are enrolled in the Duke of Edinburg's Award Program.

Rave reviews

I have been an educator for more than 20 years in four different countries and he is one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable, patient, wise and supportive teachers I have ever met in my life.


His classes 'appeal to the weird'. The weird things that grab and attract student interest and hold their attention so the curriculum is more palatable.

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