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Corina MacDonald

Year: 2015 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Cremona School
206 3rd Street East
Cremona, Alberta T0M 0R0

Principal: Mrs. Joanna Harvey
School telephone: 403-637-3856
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: Grades 8-12, Mathematics

Teaching approach

What do candy bars have to do with math? Mrs. Corina MacDonald teaches her students that math is relevant in all aspects of life. She demonstrates this theory with her fun and creative class projects like designing the perfect candy bar wrapper using geometry measurements and filtering statistics from government websites to determine how students can live the "Canadian dream".

Outstanding achievements:

  • Student achievement for her top-level math classes are consistently 10-15% higher than the provincial average;
  • Participant in the provincial team that set the standards for new Alberta Mathematics 30-2 curriculum;
  • Designed an "Information Processing" course that focuses on improving digital skills to prepare students for post-secondary employment.

Rave reviews

Mrs. MacDonald has a talent to demystify math concepts while working with her students and guiding them to approach problems from different angles. Her students feel valued, listened to and understand that there is no such thing as a 'stupid question' in her classroom.


A person's worth can often be measured by how easily they could be replaced within an organization and while it is a cliché to say that Corina MacDonald is irreplaceable, it is undoubtedly true that no single person would be able to take on the roles in Cremona School that Corina has filled over the last several years.

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