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Margaret McCullough

Year: 2015 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Glenlyon Norfolk School
801 Bank Street
Victoria, British Columbia V8S 4A8

Principal: Mr. Jake Burnett
School telephone: 250-370-6803
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: Grades 6-7, Science

Teaching approach

Whether using golf balls, pennies, making lava lamps or creating plasticine models of the Titanic, Mrs. Margaret McCullough makes science fun with hands on projects and problem solving activities. She always emphasizes the relevance of science by linking it to real world issues such as pollution and endangered species.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Developed flexible timelines for projects using a variety of media and online learning tools (e.g. Moodle, YouTube) to encourage students' self reliance and responsibility towards their learning;
  • Forged community partnerships to bring learning into the classroom (e.g., University of Victoria team working with students on the design of an electric car, helping the Uplands Park Society clear invasive species in Oak Bay);
  • Promoted giving back to the community. Grade 7 students ran a concession stand at school around their class schedules and donated the proceeds to various local charities;
  • Founded the organization Fin Free Victoria to ban sale of shark fins. Students have joined this group and organized educational events around Victoria;
  • Parents are actively involved in student learning such as providing feedback on their "Family Challenge" to reduce their ecological footprint.

Rave reviews

She helps us easily understand and engage in different science topics and always provides extra and interesting information on whatever topic we are studying. If you talk with her, she will explain everything with enough detail and clarity to make you understand.


Many people have commented to me about the great job that the Glenlyon-Norfolk students have done over the years. The Friends of Uplands Park and the Oak Bay Parks Department are extremely grateful for the volunteer efforts of all these students. Without the leadership, passion and commitment of Margaret McCullough, this project would not have happened. Margaret is an inspirational teacher, a mentor and a community leader.

Co-chair of the Friends of Upland Parks
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