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Beth Fischer

Year: 2015 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

John Diefenbaker Secondary School
181 7th Street
Hanover, Ontario N4N 1G7

Principal: Mr. Mark Ozorio
School telephone: 519-364-3770
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: All Grades, All Subjects

Teaching approach

Mrs. Beth Fischer's students face a variety of challenges—mental health issues, unstable home lives and influences from negative peer groups. With dedication and selflessness she works together with her students to achieve academic success. A combination of community partnerships and student-led projects allows her to provide them with the skills to be positive, contributing members of society.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Collaborated with students to create "The Box" a school space where students felt included and comfortable and can reach out for help; the first of its kind in the school board;
  • Developed partnerships with community groups such as CHOICES Counselling, YMCA, Youth Roots and Victim Services to meet and provide services for "The Box" and the school community;
  • Sparked the idea of a Student Achievement Centre to assist students with studying, independent learning and credit recovery. It has been instrumental in increasing student engagement and has earned students over 200 credits combined;
  • Trained staff, students and community partners in areas such as Mental Health First Aid and "Safe Talk".

Rave reviews

Her career is marked with success due to the unceasing belief she has in students who no longer believe in themselves. She has the uncanny ability to see potential in those students that sometime seem past recovering. What's more important, she can communicate and instill this belief of potential in the students themselves. Beth is a bright light for students who feel alone, disenfranchised, overlooked and unloved.


Over the two years I've been at JD, Mrs. Fischer has helped me through a lot…family issues, school, depression and much more. She's always there when you need to talk and she's always ready to listen. I don't think I would have even made it through my Grade 9 year without all the help she has given me.

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