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Charlie Glasspool

Year: 2015 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Macphail Memorial Elementary School
49 Campbell Street, P.O. Box 160
Flesherton, Ontario N0C 1E0

Principal: Mrs. Laurie Gilkinson
School telephone: 519-924-2752
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: Grades 2-8, Music

Teaching approach

Mr. Charlie Glasspool's love of music has brought him all over the world, touring with musicians and releasing multiple albums. He believes music is something anyone can enjoy and excel at. He routinely brings in guest musicians to inspire his students, involve the community in impromptu jam sessions and give young learners the skills to create their own musical masterpieces.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Created and organized the Flesherton Hills Music Fest—a massive day-long music festival with elementary students performing to 600-700 community members;
  • Set up digital recording stations (e.g., microphones, laptops, mixing consoles) so students can learn the software and technology skills of the music industry;
  • Taught young students how to compose their own music and teach it to others; an original composition was performed in a neighbourhood church and recorded by Mr. Glasspool;
  • Under his leadership, his students have won numerous awards such as Gold at the Music Alive 2013 concert, with an invitation to play at the Canadian Musicfest National Finals, and Silver at the Canadian Nationals 2013;
  • Offered individual piano lessons the community and donated the money to the school's ongoing music program.

Rave reviews

He brings a contagious enthusiasm to his role that makes it very easy for students to lower their guard and become enthusiastic about music themselves. The large scale events he mounts—the outdoor concerts, school performances, field trips and fundraisers—are wonders of creativity and energy and contribute greatly to the strong school spirit at Macphail.

Former Principal

Mr. Glasspool means so much to us. The music room is a place to escape the stress of the day and have a good laugh. He teaches us to not only hear the music but to feel it. And he believes in every single one of us.

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