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Robert Dunlop

Year: 2015 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Prince Philip School
3112 Dorchester Road N.
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2J 2Z7

Principal: Mr. M. Zeoli
School telephone: 905-356-0521
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: Grade 8, Language, Math, Computers, Physical Education

Teaching approach

Mr. Robert Dunlop wants all his students to develop and express their opinions about the world around them. He creates opportunities for his students to produce videos, share thoughts and feelings about current world issues and get involved in the community to take action and create positive change.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Co-creator of an intramural sport program to increase opportunities for students to engage in extra-curricular sports. Within a year of creating the program, student participation jumped from 13% to 80%;
  • Worked collaboratively with colleagues to create and format 25 online lessons plans for teachers to promote the story of Terry Fox. His activities focus on character development and media literacy and have been viewed over 600,000 times around the world;
  • Organized a variety of fundraising events for the Terry Fox Foundation, including the Tug-O-War for Terry which involved over one thousand students and raised approximately ten thousand dollars for cancer research;
  • Used funds from Ministry of Education "Speak Up" grants to purchase video equipment. This technology was used to record students' perspectives on social injustice, bullying and other issues. These messages were shared with the school community by presenting them continuously on a television in the school lobby;
  • Developed unique behavioural management system called "The Penalty Box" which focuses on his students working collaboratively in order to avoid 'penalties.'

Rave reviews

We cannot thank Rob Dunlop enough for the tremendous contribution he has made to the Terry Fox Foundation. The Lesson Plan Project has ensured that Terry's legacy will live on, in an meaningful and relevant way, for students across Canada regardless of the years that pass since The Marathon of Hope.


Our son has definitely improved and we are indebted to the insight and care Mr. Dunlop has given him. We truly believe the outcome would have been much different had we not received the call from Mr. Dunlop which initiated the series of changes which fostered our son to develop the skills to cope with his anxiety and develop a positive attitude about himself and others.

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