Consent and release agreement

I, ____________________ (name of parent or guardian), am the parent or legal guardian of ____________________ (name of child), a minor child ("my child").

I hereby consent to the participation of my child in the following event:

(describe event)

located at _________________________________ (location of event)
on _________________________________ (date of event)

I also hereby consent to the use of my child's name, picture or photograph to be used, reused, altered, adapted, modified, cropped, produced, reproduced by mechanical or electronic means, published, republished, displayed, broadcast, distributed to the public, communicated to the public by telecommunication or exhibited in public, preserved, conserved and archived by (name of school/setting) or by the Government of Canada, for any purpose, including but not limited to, in any publication, broadcast, posting on the Internet (social media), advertising or display.

I agree that I shall have no claim against (name of school/setting), the Government of Canada or against anyone accessing or using images or videography taken at the event and that neither I, nor my child will be compensated in any way for the use my child's name, picture or photograph.

I confirm that I have not given anyone the exclusive right to use my child's name, picture or photograph. I hereby release and hold harmless (name of school/setting) or the Government of Canada from all claims, demands or causes of action arising out of the use of my child's name, picture or photograph.

I declare that I have read and understood the foregoing release and authorization before signing below.

Print _________________________________ Sign _________________________________

Signed at _________________________________ (location), this the _______ day of _________________________________, 20XX.

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