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Brenda Margetts

Year: 2016 – Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Brenda Margetts

Balmoral School
General Delivery
Balmoral, Manitoba  R0C 0H0

Principal: Dawn Fenske
School telephone: 204-467-2501
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: Kindergarten

Brenda Margetts' classroom is like an enchanting museum for young children, with not only aquariums and science stations but also the latest technology to help bring learning to life.

Teaching approach

Mrs. Margetts instils Aboriginal teaching, becoming a steward of planet Earth and having a deep understanding of what it means to be a Canadian in every student she teaches. She truly believes that you will learn all you will ever need to know in Kindergarten.

Outstanding achievements

  • Initiated school's involvement with the SEEDS Foundation, which provides programming on leadership, the environment, energy and diversity; school now boasts Earth School status, due to the students, staff and community having completed more than 1,000 environment projects.
  • Champions the use of technology to benefit even the youngest learners: had a SMARTBoard in her Kindergarten class before anyone else in the school was using one; uses a Green Screen to immerse students in the past (going to the deck of the Titanic, for example) or to learn about nature.
  • Was instrumental in generating school-wide passion for Aboriginal culture, working with the school division expert to create a variety of activities to teach foundational beliefs and explore Aboriginal dance and art; organized a school-wide day of Aboriginal games and food.
  • Played important role in development of new Kindergarten report card for the school division and helped write the provincial curriculum document Ready for Kindergarten.
  • Has won the Manitoba Elementary Classroom Teacher Award three times and was recognized by the Manitoba Association of Math Teachers for her contributions to math education.

Rave reviews

"She truly cares about each and every student that comes through her classroom. … [When they graduate] from Grade 12, they receive an individual hand-written letter from Mrs. Margetts."

Former student, student teacher and parent of students

"Parents and staff are constantly amazed by the knowledge that Brenda imparts to her students. Students leave her room as confident, knowledgeable leaders ready to take on Grade 1."

Former principal and nominator
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