Prime Minister’s Awards—Show them you care too

This holiday season, we want Canadians to think about giving teachers the ultimate gift: a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence. The nomination deadline is January 20, 2017. Nominate a teacher today!

Transcript: Prime Minister’s Awards — Show them you care too

(Music up)

(Teacher, slightly hunched over a student's desk, points to paper and is about to ask a question.)

(Bell rings)

Teacher: Okay, everyone.

(Female student looks at male student and gives him a look as if to say, "Do you have it?" Male student silently confirms that he has the piece of paper the female student was inquiring about.)

Teacher: This is the holidays. So see each other in January. Have fun!

(Teacher sits at his desk.)

(Students leave the classroom. Some high-five the teacher on their way out or give him a gift.)

Teacher: Thank you!

(Male student is the last to leave and hands the teacher a piece of paper on his way out.)

Male student: Merry Christmas.

(Teacher looks at the piece of paper curiously.)

(Student looks back at teacher as he's leaving.)

(Teacher has puzzled expression, opens paper and reads it. Paper reads: "You've Been Nominated, Prime Minister's Awards: Honouring Excellence in Education.")

(Teacher is pleasantly surprised.)

(Students peek their heads through the classroom door to see the teacher's reaction.)

(Door creaks.)

(Teacher looks up and smiles at the students in the doorway.)

(All the students come back into the classroom to congratulate and high-five the teacher.)

Text on screen:
Show them you care too

Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence

Special thanks to École élémentaire et secondaire publique Maurice-Lapointe, Mr. Fournier and his Grade 5 class.

(Canada wordmark)

(Music ends)

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