Louise Leclair-Bélanger: A new idea? Why not!

Year: 2019 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Louise Leclair-Bélanger

Grade 6 (all subjects except integrated arts, physical education and science)
Centre d'enseignement personnalisé Lamoureux, Ottawa, Ontario

"Ms Louise is quite simply a teacher who brings happiness to the classroom...She really has a talent for recognizing the abilities of all students and we felt very appreciated."
— A former student

Louise Leclair-Bélanger excels in the art of customizing her teaching for each student, by mobilizing the options offered by new technologies and using her talent to recognize her students' strengths and weaknesses.

Teaching approach

Louise encourages the curiosity, critical thinking and risk-taking that enable her students to go further, regardless of their skills. She is attentive to their interests and supports them in large project where each learns in a stimulating context.

In the classroom

  • She encourages the students to research information and study at their own pace using platforms and applications on their own Chromebook.
  • Louise makes sure that students use a variety of technological tools effectively and efficiently to prepare them to become active, thoughtful, innovative and independent learners.
  • She starts with situations to explain to students the responsible and ethical use of technologies.
  • A space in the classroom is devoted to use of OZOBOTs, robots that the students program and use for meeting challenges in learning mathematics and French.

Outstanding achievements

  • A simple exercise in the exploration and use of Google applications led to the creation of a symposium, Lamo-Techno, a sort of technology fair where the students presented nearly 25 workshops to the entire student body and teachers.
  • Starting with critical research on existing resources on digital citizenship, her students decided in consultation with specialists, to create a website offering lessons and activities related to the topic.
  • The students in her class made a bullying awareness video using the "Stop, walk away, speak" approach. This video can be seen on the école Lamoureux website.
  • With her students, she set up the Technology Evening for families intended to support parents in the use of technology in education.

Get in touch!

Centre d'enseignement personnalisé
2540, av. Kaladar
Ottawa, ON K1V 8C5
Twitter : @ecolecatholique

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