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Stephanie Musgrove: accepting each child for who they are

Year: 2019 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Stephanie Musgrove

Lord Kelvin Elementary School, New Westminster, British Columbia

"Ms. Musgrove loves her students and knows them as a parent would. She loves to figure them out and then helps them to shine. … [She] saw my son as the amazing boy I did and helped me to guide and support him."  — Parent

Teaching in a multicultural school, Stephanie Musgrove makes all children in her class feel welcome and comfortable. Students learn about the places in the world where their families come from. She also taught the entire class sign language to communicate with a young boy who was profoundly deaf.

Teaching approach

Believing that there is no such thing as normal, only what is normal for each child, Stephanie accepts each child for who he or she is. She includes and inspires every child, giving them a powerful dose of attention and focus, so they learn that they are important.

In the classroom

  • Nurtures creativity in her young learners: they give classmates clues about an item from home that begins with that week's letter of the alphabet to spark guesses as to what it is; they make predictions about what will happen next in a book, and about animals and people they encounter.
  • Turns simple activities, such as taking attendance, into learning opportunities that also teach leadership skills, writing and public speaking: each day, a different student leads the counting of the boys and girls present in the class, writing the figures out and soliciting guesses for the total.
  • Opens up the world of science: each child can take home the Briefcase of Science (with a tiny lab coat, safety glasses, books and equipment) to do an experiment with a family member; the Scientists of the Week demonstrate their experiments for the class.
  • Shapes children to be citizens of the earth: every Monday is "Muddy Monday," when she teaches the children outside, rain or shine; in the local park, for example, she introduces students to the life cycles of trees, plants and animals, and how they are connected.

Outstanding achievements

  • Was instrumental in setting up the school's sensory room to help students with sensory needs be calm and alert; she visited other schools with similar rooms, researched what items were needed and then helped set up the room.
  • Created Literacy Leaders program for the school: Grade 5 students come to the primary grades daily to lead literacy games in groups of three or four.
  • Is a leader in her school, running the annual Terry Fox assembly (including usually having one of Mr. Fox's relatives come speak at the event) and the Welcome to Kindergarten session for incoming students and their parents every June.

Get in touch!

Lord Kelvin Elementary School
1010 Hamilton Street
New Westminster BC V3M 2M9
Twitter: @smusgrove2; @LKCougars

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