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Marc McWilliams: Teaching leadership in action

Year: 2019 – Province: New Brunswick

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Marc McWilliams

Grade 8 (mathematics and natural sciences)
École Le Tremplin, Tracadie, New Brunswick

"A hard worker but most of all, a great visionary, Marc has always believed in the added value of digital technology and its contribution to the development of his students' lasting skills."  — Nominator

For nearly 30 years, Marc McWilliams has been integrating ICTs into his teaching, being one of the first to equip all his students with laptop computers. With the growth in access to computer tools, this ahead-of-his-time teacher remains a leader in the field.

Teaching approach

Marc constantly adapts his teaching to his groups' characteristics to maximize learning. He is a coach who guides his students in a climate of mutual respect and always gets them to excel.

In the classroom

  • He introduces many digital and peripheral devices into his classroom to improve instruction but also to enable the students to handle them and explore their uses.
  • Marc encouraged management to take the AVAN (Apportez votre appareil numérique [Bring your digital device]) approach so that his students could develop their digital ethics and learn to use them in a meaningful learning context.
  • The many digital tools he offers in class are means for exploration, research, presentations and communication that foster cooperation and interaction.
  • Thanks to the online systems Clic and Padlet, Marc ensures that the students who are absent or who need extra help are able to stay up to date or deepen their knowledge.

Outstanding achievements

  • With the implementation of the AVAN approach and the support he offered in the field to his colleagues, Marc enabled his school to take a giant step in digital culture.
  • He got a group to participate in a one-week computer, coding and robotics camp, which changed their attitude toward math and brought their overall results in mathematics up by 30%.
  • His involvement with the school's volleyball team and the creation of an after-school club allowed many youth to thrive in the sport and perform better in school.

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École Le Tremplin
520, rue de l'Église
Tracadie, NB E1X 1B1

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