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Andrea Catherine Bailey: benefiting students in any way she can

Year: 2019 — Province: Alberta
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Andrea Catherine Bailey

Math, Science, Computer Science, Grade 8
Crossing Park School, Calgary, Alberta

"Ms. Bailey has a way of enriching her students' learning that is supportive and constructive. This allows everyone in her classroom to reach their highest level of success, whatever that may be."
— Former student

Andrea Bailey is involved in every aspect of her large school—from coordinating robotics challenges to leading clubs and directing dramatic performances. She is also pursuing her master's in clinical psychology to gain as much knowledge as she can to benefit students in as many ways as she can.

Teaching approach

Andrea seeks to create a culture of problem solving, persistence, risk taking and curiosity in her class, adapting her own practice in response. She finds excellence in the small details of students' work and interactions, and creates an atmosphere of trust, such that students seek her out for counsel.

STEM in the classroom

  • Involved junior high and high school students and teachers in project to conceive, design, build, prototype and refine engaging science experiences for the visitors to the TELUS Spark Science Centre, gaining invaluable experience by working directly with staff and volunteer experts.
  • Integrates technology to enhance learning already taking place, using IPads to document and examine student presentations, for example; reaches younger students through coding, robotics and games; and inspires teachers to use technology in their classes in a variety of ways.
  • Emphasizes inquiry based cross-curricular projects: for example, science and humanities students collaborated on a project about the human impact on water, creating enquiry questions scientists would ask, researching related topics and documenting their research process and findings.
  • Takes individualized approach to math curriculum to make concepts engaging and accessible to all: divides class into groups based on math skills and knowledge, and poses questions and problems accordingly; groups discuss their progress, challenges and conclusions with her.

Outstanding achievements

  • Founded a robotics team in partnership with the local high school's robotics club and students from other feeder school: team designs, builds, tests and programs autonomous and driver-operated robots to perform tasks, a real-world experience that lets students apply skills they learned in class.
  • Is the driving force behind the school's student-run Sexuality and Gender Alliance, which provides a safe and caring environment for students; encourages these same students to become active citizens by fundraising for charities; has equipped teachers with tools to support LGBTQ+ students.

Get in touch!

Crossing Park School
500 Martindale Blvd NE
Calgary AB T3J 4W8


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