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Julie Meloche: Youth awareness of social values

Year: 2019 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Julie Meloche

Grades 11 and 12 (social action and physical education)
Collège catholique Franco-Ouest, Nepean, Ontario

"She pushes her students to look at life with a critical eye, to ask questions, to reflect and go further. She wants her students to create changes in their surroundings"  — A student

Julie Meloche is an inspiring teacher who integrates various innovative and exemplary teaching strategies while also creating an environment that is universally caring and inclusive, that enriches and motivates her students to make a difference in their community.

Teaching approach

Julie offers her students a stimulating environment that is conducive to learning by using various approaches such as direct teaching, indirect teaching and independent practice. Beyond the learning of knowledge, she aims to make her students fully engaged, sensitive citizens.

In the classroom

  • As part of her courses, Julie uses a weekly blog in which the students have to share personal opinions on what they have learned and how they will apply it in their daily life.
  • She is a fluent user of social media for sharing her students' activities and social involvement, such as their preparation and participation in peaceful demonstrations.
  • Julie uses digital platforms like Google Classroom to organize her courses and put the virtual environment to work for academic success.
  • Julie's students also have to work with the Google platform – e-mail, agenda, Drive – to better organize their learning.

Outstanding achievements

  • Julie set up a system-wide program, Focus Action Sociale, which offers selected students enriched learning on social justice, leadership and community service.
  • She took leadership training in order to make PRC discussion circles part of her teaching to enable students to discuss and develop their arguments.
  • The humanitarian trips organized as part of Focus Action Sociale made it possible to lead day camps in an orphanage, to repaint equipment in a school playground and participate in the construction of showers in a Haitian community and more.

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Collège catholique Franco-Ouest
411 Seyton Drive
Nepean, ON K2H 8X1

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