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Stéphane Arbour: From Passionate Mechanic to Passionate Teacher

Year: 2019 — Province: Quebec
Certificate of Achievement Recipient


Secondary 3 (Science)
École secondaire de la Rive, Lavaltrie, Québec

"His communication and listening skills have enabled him to forge strong ad unique relationships with his students."
— Student

Stéphane Arbour is always looking for strategies that will make a difference. From organizing projects that will motivate young people to helping them practically apply what they have learned, he seeks to make students succeed by leveraging their respective strengths.

Teaching Approach

Stéphane thinks out of the box and pushes traditional educational approaches by using humour, telling stories, offering mnemonic tricks and more in order to capture the attention of his students so he can instill knowledge and show his students how to appropriate it.

STEM in the Classroom

  • He uses many technological tools in the classroom and asks his students to write their research work on Word, PowerPoint or Prezi for their oral presentations and to submit their work via email.
  • Stéphane runs a television studio with fifteen or so students so they can promote their school's activities such as cross-country days, open door days and galas.
  • He often illustrates the concepts presented in class by involving community stakeholders such as entrepreneurs who come to share the reality of their work.
  • Using his prior experience in mechanics, Stéphane teaches young people to repair their equipment instead of replacing it, showing them how to counter planned obsolescence in order to be more eco-friendly.

Outstanding Achievements

  • He spearheaded the establishment of a science fair where nearly fifty teams participated in the first year and which has continued to grow ever since.
  • To encourage youth entrepreneurship, he created the Évolution Z project, a video game competition organized and promoted entirely by students.
  • He established the V.I.E.S. foundation so young people could find sponsors to fund Évolution Z, whose proceeds go to disadvantaged students at École Pierre-de-Lestage.

Get in touch!

École secondaire de la Rive
60, rue Douaire-de Bondy
Lavaltrie, QC J5T 1G7


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