Sarah Newton: steering students down the path to success

Year: 2019 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Sarah Newton

English, Math and Ethics, grades 5 and 6
Margaret Manson Elementary School, Kirkland, Quebec

"I truly hope that all students and teachers alike get the chance to have a cheerleader in their life like [Sarah Newton], as it certainly makes a positive difference, and the rippling effects of this kind of greatness are endless."  — Colleague

A typical day with Sarah Newton sees children learning, laughing and having fun. At the same time, her extensive experience and knowledge allow her to marry creativity and the basics to ensure each child is prepared for future academic challenges and real-life situations.

Teaching approach

Sarah goes out of her way to build solid relationships with the children in her classes, investing countless hours to make sure each one has the chance to be their true self and surpass their potential. She doesn't hesitate to have honest discussions with them to help keep them on the path to success.

In the classroom

  • Uses technology to extend learning: students create slideshows, online magazines and commercials to display their knowledge; they view videos and other materials posted on Google Classroom, and then develop critical thinking skills while preparing responses to them at home.
  • Engages students through elaborate projects: 11-station bilingual unit introduces various types of poetry, with children then sharing their poems with their parents in a poetry café; in "Shark Tank" students collaborate to invent, build, advertise and sell something that serves a purpose.
  • Provides numerous opportunities for students to become caring and giving citizens: works with school's group of peer mediators; pairs Grade 6s with Kindergarten students for learning and mentoring; recruits and trains students to be tour guides for school open house.

Outstanding achievements

  • As staff mentor, plans monthly teacher-led workshops at which teachers demonstrate their skills; coordinates team-building activities and meals; brings in motivational speakers; supports new teachers in a safe environment.
  • As staff assistant, builds the school's supervision schedule, deals with bus issues, helps with last-minute staffing, supports student discipline, helps with staff issues and represents the administration when members are absent; plays a key role in Kindergarten orientation.
  • Participated in the development of the province-wide Grade 6 language arts exam for five years, sharing her vision for making it more accessible to all students, and more engaging and student-centred.

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