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Marianne Rhéaume: Giving meaning to ideas

Year: 2019 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Marianne Rhéaume

Grade 7 (science and technology, robotics)
École secondaire Guillaume-Couture, Lévis, Québec

"Her enthusiasm for science, which offers numerous enriching career opportunities to our young people, is definitely contagious."  — A colleague

Marianne Rhéaume is a teacher who is committed to her environment and stands out for her charismatic and dynamic nature. She is always looking for new methods and activities to keep her students motivated.

Teaching approach

Marianne's approach is modern and based on the latest teaching methods. She makes her own modules for her science course by using a maximum of technology-based teaching methods to offer her students stimulating, always fresh activities.

In the classroom

  • Marianne introduced her students to Office 365 so that they would be able to write on Word using practical functions that would serve them in all subjects.
  • Every year she integrates a robotics activity into her science course, like the creation of Formula 1 cars with Lego EV3 robots, an activity that really excited the students.
  • Marianne created her own science game capsules based on the popular show Génial! so that her students could take on challenges and increase their scientific knowledge while having fun.
  • She does online evaluations and prepares interactive questionnaires with Plickers to maintain interest and have a variety of approaches.

Outstanding achievements

  • She implemented sharing tools on Google Drive where all the teachers can pool their ideas to ensure verticality in the teaching of skills.
  • With the students in the international program, she participated in fundraising for the construction of a school in Burkina Faso.
  • Marianne supervises her students who mentor children in special classes at the school.
  • Her people skills and professionalism were the reasons for the school entrusting her with the management of the International Baccalaureate program.

Get in touch!
École secondaire Guillaume-Couture
70, boul. Philippe-Boucher
Lévis, QC G5V 1M5

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