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2019 Recipients

Province/Territory Community Name of school Name of recipient Grades and subjects taught Highlights
Certificate of Excellence Fort McMurray Westwood Community High School Said El Mejdani Junior High and Advanced Placement Computer Science, Coding, 3D Graphics and Games, E-Sports, Phone Apps, grades 7 to 12 One coding session led to a course and then a full computer science program led by this dedicated teacher; students created first-ever computing community events and prepare for technology-related jobs in the energy and other sectors.
Certificate of Excellence Lacombe École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School Steven Schultz Mechatronics-Robotics, grades 10–12 From robotics to beekeeping, this "great listener" shares his wide-ranging passions with students and engages them through hands-on projects and activities that have inspired a surge of interest in STEM fields in central Alberta.
Certificate of Achievement Calgary Western Canada High School Brendan E. Hagan Instrumental music 10, 20, 30, Band 15, 25, 35 The primary goal of this teacher's wildly popular band program is to show he will support them all the way to whatever they want to achieve; he instils respect for teamwork and has students work with professionals.
Certificate of Achievement DeWinton St. Francis of Assisi Academy Carol Bilawchuk All subjects, grade 4 Innovative learning activities see children explore their senses by making slime at Halloween, building an earthworm habitat to learn about creatures that consume natural waste, "selling" classmates on books they like and designing maps.
British Columbia
Certificate of Excellence Kelowna Okanagan Mission Secondary School Michael Wilson Ross Quest 11, Careers 9, Enterpreneurship 11–12, Outdoor Education, Sustainability 10–12, Business Studies Young people build community and find their place in the world through comprehensive outdoor experiences program; hiking glaciers and sailing tall ships connects to the Grade 11 curriculum while fostering social and emotional growth.
Certificate of Achievement Bowen Island Island Pacific School Jennifer Henrichsen Math and design, grades 6–9 Through outdoor adventures, year-long mastery projects and opportunities to contribute to the community and even math class, this teacher inspires middle-schoolers for lifelong learning and success.
Certificate of Achievement Delta Delview Secondary School Van Chau Science and biology, grades 10–12 Encouraging independence, punctuality, perseverance and grit, this inspiring teacher uses games and hands-on activities to build critical and creative-thinking skills, and ensure students can do, know and understand the curriculum.
Certificate of Achievement Nanaimo Departure Bay-Eco School Mary Elizabeth McCaw Kindergarten This active educator models being an active learner in her unique outdoor Kindergarten; students learn about science out in nature and under a microscope; they write and present original stories inspired by their outdoor learning.
Certificate of Achievement New Westminster Lord Kelvin Elementary School Stephanie Musgrove Kindergarten Children in this teacher's multicultural class learn about where they come from and get to take home the Briefcase of Science to do an experiment with their family; class activities—even taking attendance—spark creativity and curiosity.
Certificate of Excellence Winnipeg Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute Benjamin Alvin Paul English, grades 10–12 Working in a diverse urban school, this teacher fosters inclusivity, enhances literacy across the school—for everyone from new English speakers to university-bound students—and gets teenagers outside, with a fishing rod in their hand.
Certificate of Achievement Winnipeg Nelson McIntyre Collegiate Greg Speiser Math and physics, grades 10–12 Always seeking ways to transform his teaching, this reflective educator gives students a solid conceptual foundation and then lets them lead their own learning through self-paced enquiries and group problem-solving.
Certificate of Achievement Winnipeg Sisler High School Orysya Romanivna Tsybukh-Petryshyn History, grade 11 This proud Canadian of Ukrainian heritage has led the way in introducing Manitoba students to the Holodomor Genocide; students published a book on the event, with a related website and media resources; she spearheaded her school's involvement in a national Canada 150 educational event.
New Brunswick
Certificate of Achievement Tracadie École Le Tremplin Marc McWilliams 8e année (mathématiques et sciences naturelles) 30 years in the profession have in no way diminished this teacher's passion. Whether using robotics to change his students' attitude toward math, or coaching the school's volleyball team to help youngsters flourish, he supports students in a climate of mutual respect that encourages them to excel.
Northwest Territories
Certificate of Achievement Yellowknife Mildred Hall School Deb Horen Science, math, language arts, social studies, gym, exploratives, grades 7 and 8 Students—the majority of whom are Indigenous—leave this teacher's classroom knowing how to code, sew moccasins, write persuasive essays and set a rabbit snare; they also come to feel acceptance, compassion and pride in their culture.
Nova Scotia
Certificate of Achievement Cole Harbour Auburn Drive High School Melanie Kennedy Drama 10, 11, 12 This teacher encourages a culture of respect, kindness and empathy in her classroom; students share their ideas with their peers and the world through performance.
Certificate of Excellence Ottawa Centre d'enseignement personnalisé Lamoureux Louise Leclair-Bélanger All subjects except integrated arts, physical education and science, grade 6 Nothing is impossible with this teacher who is always prepared to dive into projects her students propose. She encourages curiosity, risk-taking and active learning through projects that frequently arise from the classroom setting so that her students always seek to develop their skills and excel.
Certificate of Excellence Toronto Courcelette Public School Lynn Wilkins Science, Language, Math, Geography, Arts, grades 7 and 8 Respecting all students' strengths, needs and interests, this teacher develops elaborate hands-on projects—students in five grades at two schools formed companies to go to Mars—to foster inquiry and integrate technology.
Certificate of Achievement Baden Waterloo Oxford District Secondary School Calvin D. Van Eek Human Development, World Cultures, Personal Life Management, Philosophy, Working with Infants and Young Children, grades 11 and 12 A thoughtful listener, this compassionate educator, works to instil the same skill in his students, while working to understand where are coming from, prioritizing their mental health and setting them up with skill and knowledge for life.
Certificate of Achievement Collingwood Nottawa Elementary School Pareen Gill Grade 3 For this thoughtful teacher, developing her young students' characters matters as much as academics; they learn how the brain works, practise mindfulness to self-regulate and focus better in class, and get opportunities to be leaders.
Certificate of Achievement Huntsville Huntsville Public School Douglas Hogue Grades 3 and 4 Approaching his young students from the "human side of teaching" has led this educator to use technology to level the playing field for children, explore the link between behaviour and success, and ensure children get plenty of outdoor time.
Certificate of Achievement Nepean Collège catholique Franco-Ouest Julie Meloche Social action and physical education, grades 11 and 12 This teacher creates a culture of caring and inclusion in her classroom: social justice, leadership, and community service are some of the themes that help her students become complete citizens who are engaged and sensitive, who will then be able to transfer what they've learned to their community.
Certificate of Achievement St. Catharines Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Catherine Chin Yet English, Photography, grades 9–12 Seeking out community partnerships and experts to give students access to diverse voices and experiences, this servant leader helps youth of all abilities express themselves and care for each other's health and well-being.
Certificate of Achievement Toronto Norman Ingram Public School Kim Lussier Language, math, science, social studies, art, health, Grade 3 This teacher's flexible classroom and seating options suit learners of all styles, who collaborate on experiential projects and learn to use digital tools; at home, they fill their "I wonder…" journals with the results of their own research.
Certificate of Achievement Toronto Oasis Skateboard Factory Craig Morrison All, with focus on art and design, and business entrepreneurship, grades 9–12 Running a small design and skateboard building business, this artistic educator warmly welcomes youth who do not fit into the regular school system; they learn with creative professionals, developing skills and increasing in confidence.
Certificate of Achievement Toronto Lawrence Heights Middle School Terrance Alonza Saunders Language Arts, Social Studies, Drama and Dance, and Associate Host Teacher, grades 6–8 Having taught multiple generations in a neighbourhood with a high child-poverty rate, this inclusive educator ensures projects are relevant and gives students plenty of chances to build self-esteem and confidence through drama and dance.
Prince Edward Island
Certificate of Excellence Charlottetown Birchwood Intermediate School Frances Ann Squire Language arts, grade 9 This award-winning children's author and published poet strives to bring out similar creativity in her students; they participate in literary competitions, display their art in local galleries and share their poetry with the public in a café.
Certificate of Excellence Montréal Collège Regina Assumpta Sylvain Gauvreau French and Drama, grades 9 and 10 Concerned about both the very low graduation rate and the lack of interest among girls in science and technology, this teacher has made it his mission to develop a teaching style that speaks to his students' interests and reality, leading them to discover new passions through activities based on real-life and participation.
Certificate of Achievement Kirkland Margaret Manson Elementary School Sarah Newton English, Math and Ethics, grades 5 and 6 Applying her extensive knowledge and experience, this teacher marries creativity and the basics through hands-on activities so children have fun learning but are also prepared for future academic challenges and real-life situations.
Certificate of Achievement Lévis École secondaire Gullaume-Coutre Marianne Rhéaume Science and Technology, Robotics grade 7 This teacher is always looking for new approaches and innovative activities to keep her students in a stimulating environment that encourages them to look at school as a living, concrete place of learning, open to our world that is constantly socially and technologically evolving.
Certificate of Achievement Montréal Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie Jean-Philippe Bolduc Science and Technology, grades 7 and 8 This teacher's goal is to bring students to thoughtful awareness through critical thinking and ethics, using activities where mistakes are encouraged and supported and where science and technology are learning tools that are both fun and rooted in the daily reality of our changing world.
Certificate of Excellence Weyburn Weyburn Comprehensive School Karen Kennedy-Allin Physics 30, Biology 30 and Environmental Science 20 Caring about students until they care, this veteran teacher adapts her approach to various learning styles, stresses innovative thinking and learning though trial and error through hands-on projects and formative evaluations.
Certificate of Achievement Balgonie Greenall High School Jeff Moore Wildfire Management, Native Studies, Physical Education, Environmental Sciences, grades 10 and  11 Students explore poetry in nature, do science on the trail, go rock climbing and ice fishing, and learn Canadian history at local sites in a course created by a passionate environmentalist, earning five Grade 11 credits along the way.
Certificate of Achievement Ile-a-la-Crosse Rossignol Elementary School Susan Brown Levelled literacy intervention, grades 1 to 3 This knowledgeable but humble educator creatively steps in to improve literacy—developing kits to prompt summer reading, broadcasting reading to build aural comprehension, and using vocabulary and word-matching games.
Certificate of Achievement Saskatoon Brunskill School Michael Kurpjuweit Music and band, grades 2 to 8 Digital tools in this talented musician's room help beginning players sound better and develop confidence, while all students learn about diversity through music from various cultures and perform at venues around the city.
Certificate of Excellence Whitehorse École Émilie-Tremblay Marie Bélanger Practical Competence, Math, Social Sciences, French, Career Education, Physical Education, Arts, grade 5 Cartoons starring her students; production of video capsules; setting up a flexible classroom: this teacher spares no imagination or creativity to make her teaching dynamic and engage her students in concrete projects that often extend beyond the walls of their school.
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