MMSI Application Forms (Annexes)

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CPC-2-3-07 - Obtaining Identities in the Maritime Mobile Service

Obtaining Identities in the Maritime Mobile Service

Client Circular Procedure 2-3-07 - Obtaining Identities in the Maritime Mobile Service. This document replaces Issue 7 of the Client Procedures Circular CPC-2-3-07, Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSIs).

Annex A

MMSI Application Form: Ship Station With VHF/DSC Only, Unlicensed Radio

Ship Station - If the vessel does not require a radio licence and if the radio equipment on board consists of a VHF/DSC radio(s) with or without GPS or LORAN.

Annex B

MMSI Application Form: Ship Station With a Radio Licence

Ship Station - If the vessel requires a radio licence or if additional equipment is installed on board.

Annex C

MMSI Application Form: Craft Associated With a Parent Ship (Lifeboats, Life Rafts)

This category of MMSI is specific to life-saving craft, such as lifeboats and life rafts associated with a parent ship.

Annex D

MMSI Application Form: Ship Station Group

Ship Station Group.

Annex E

MMSI Application Form: Coast Station

Coast station that will be involved with automatic communications with vessels.

Annex F

MMSI Application Form: Search and Rescue (SAR) Aircraft

Canadian registered aircraft with automated radiocommunications equipment used for search and rescue communications with ship and coast stations.

Annex G

Notification Form: MMSI Assignments to AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN)

Radiocommunication technologies that are used as aids to navigation.

Annex H

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Codes

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Vessel Codes.

Annex I

Maritime Identity Application Form: Hand-held VHF Transceivers with DSC and GNSS Not Associated with a Ship Station or Vessel

Maritime Identity is a unique number to a hand-held VHF transceiver as a unique station.

Annex J

Maritime Identify Registration for Various Portable Devices

Maritime Identites that are preprogrammed within an AIS-SART, an MOB device or an EPIRB-AIS device.

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