Terrestrial Radiocom Agreements and Arrangements (TRAA)


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Canada / United States

Treaty Series 1952 No. 7 - Operation of Certain Radio Equipment or Stations

Treaty Series 1962 No. 15 - Coordination and Use of Radio Frequencies

Canada / France

Agreement Regarding the Use of Frequency Bands 150.050-162.000 MHz, 451.500-454.500 MHz, and 456-460 MHz Paired with 466-470 MHz in the Archipelago of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon

Canada / Denmark

Arrangement between the Department of Communications of Canada and the National Telecom Agency of Denmark to Establish a Terrestrial Flight Telephone System (TFTS) in Greenland

Arrangement for the Coordination of Frequencies for Radiobeacons in the Band 200-405 kc/s in Certain Areas of Canada and Greenland


Agreement Between Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Canada as Represented by the Department of Industry and NAV CANADA Regarding Radio Frequency Spectrum Management, November 1, 2007

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