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Spectrum Management's online services website provides public access to information on frequency use within Canada via a variety of search tools. We offer secure access to online applications for land mobile and microwave radio licences with supporting utilities, information on licensed land and mobile stations, as well as online invoice payment, made possible through self-serve Web profiles. Key features of the site are now being made available to wireless devices as well. For more information on any of the services, consult the site's context-sensitive online help.

Updated in February 2011
Licensing consultants can now create land mobile applications for their licensee.
Licence applications for GPS active repeater stations can be submitted using the microwave application option.

Updated in January 2011
The ELAZDI program has been upgraded to 32-bit Microsoft Windows. ELAZDI is an application used to calculate station parameters relative to its geographical location. The upgraded version can be found on Spectrum Direct at the following address: http://www.ic.gc.ca/spectrumdirect.

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