National Maritime Information Database/MMSIs

Information on obtaining a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) or Maritime Identity (MI):

CPC-2-3-07 — Obtaining Identities in the Maritime Mobile Service

The National Maritime Information Database (NMID) is a dynamic database containing details (such as vessel/station name, vessel owner name, vessel tonnage, emergency contact name, address and telephone numbers, etc) of Maritime Mobile Service Identities or MMSIs assigned to Canadian vessels and coast stations by Industry Canada.

Database: Maritime Information

For inquiries regarding MMSIs, please contact your nearest Industry Canada district office. Completed MMSI applications should be submitted to the district office in person, by regular mail, email or fax. To determine which Industry Canada office is nearest to you, please consult Radiocommunication Information Circular 66, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Regional and District Offices (RIC-66), found at

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