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Auction for Spectrum Licences in the Bands 849–851 MHz and 894–896 MHz for Air-Ground Services — Applicants and qualified bidders

Auction Completed

Applicants and Qualified Bidders

Auction Summary
Auction ID 6
Auction Date May 20, 2009
Licences 2 national spectrum licences
Spectrum Block A: 849-850.5 / 894-895.5 MHz
Block B: 850.5-851 / 895.5-896 MHz
Bandwidth 4 MHz
Qualified Bidders MTS Allstream Inc.
SkySurf Canada Communications Inc.
Wair Inc.
Winning Bidder SkySurf Canada Communications Inc.
Licences Won 2
Bid Amount Paid $2,100,007.00

Auction Results

Policy and Licensing

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