SRSP-314.5 — Technical Requirements for Fixed Line-of-Sight Radio Systems Operating in the Band 14.5-15.35 GHz

Issue 3
December 2010

Spectrum Management and Telecommunications
Standard Radio System Plan

January 2013 - Envelope B in Table 2 has been corrected by adding an entry for 20 degrees so that it corresponds with Figure 2.

Table of Contents


  1. Intent
  2. General
  3. Related Documents
  4. Overview of the Use of the Band 14.5–15.35 GHz
  5. Radio Frequency (RF) Channel Arrangement Description
  6. Transmitter Characteristics
  7. International Coordination
  8. Antenna Characteristics
  9. Maximum Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (e.i.r.p.)
  10. Avoidance of the Geostationary Satellite Orbit
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