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Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMEP-001-94

This notice is given further to the Discussion paper released in April 1993 (Notice No. SMEP-005-93) for public comment entitled Need for Mandatory Radio Receiver Standards in the Mobile

As a result of the comments received on this subject and taking into consideration requirements from a spectrum management viewpoint, the Department will proceed to make the following changes for the use of receiver standards in the spectrum management process.

  1. For equipment certification purposes, receiver standards given in current RSS's except receiver spurious emission standards, will be treated as non-mandatory, recommended standards. These recommended receiver standards will be published in an Annex to the RSS's.
  2. If an applicant for equipment certification claims in the test report that the equipment meets the recommended receiver standards, the Department will record this information in the Radio Equipment List (REL).
  3. These recommended standards will be assumed in any compatibility analysis and other technical studies carried out by the Department for frequency selection and spectrum sharing purposes.
  4. Any interference complaints which the district office of the Department may determine are due to receiver parameters will be referred to the equipment suppliers and/or the service providers as appropriate.

Dated at Ottawa, this 1st day of February 1994.

S.N. Ahmed
Director General Engineering Programs

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