1994 Gazette Notices and Comments Received

Gazette and Public Notices Pertaining to Broadcasting, Radiocommunications and Telecommunications

Number Title
October 26
Policy Framework for the Provision of Mobile Satellite Services via Regional and Global Satellite Systems in the Canadian Market
March 17
Policy for licensing intercity radio facilities
October 28
Policy Discussion and Proposals Respecting the Future Provision of Personal Communications Services and Frequency Spectrum in Canada in the 2 GHz Range
November 17
Proposal for Implementation of Narowband Personnal Communications Seravices in the 900 MHz Range
November 16
Proposal Concerning the Radio Systems Policy (RP-005) for Dispatch-type Mobile Radio Interconnection with the Public Switched Telephone Network and Also Clarifying the Provision of Service Applications by Cellular Providers
December 15
Proposed Spectrum Policy to Accommodate Microwave Radio Systems, Including Local Wideband Distribution and Advanced Communication Satellites in Certain Bands Above 20 GHz
August 4
Implementation of Digital Television by Broadcasting Undertakings
February 1
This notice is given further to the Discussion paper released in April 1993 (Notice No. SMEP-005-93) for public comment entitled Need for Mandatory Radio Receiver Standards in the Mobile Services
August 4
Notice is hereby given that the Technical Subcommittee of the Canadian Interconnection Liaison Committee (CILC) is hereby releasing the Canadian Participation in 800 Number Portability Canadian Industry Guidelines, CIG-800, Release 1.1, July 14, 1994
April 23
Public Review of the Comparative Selection and Radio Licensing Process
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