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Notice No. SMSE-004-98

Notice is hereby given that minor revisions have been made to the Radio Standards Specification 187 (RSS-187), Issue 3, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons, Emergency Locator Transmitters and Personal Locator Beacons. The revised document has been posted on the Internet at the address The specific changes are listed below:

  1. Transport Canada is replaced by the organization NAV CANADA in section 9 and in the headings of items 15 and 16 of Annex 1.
  2. The Canadian Test facility (QETE) approved to perform COSPAS/SARSAT testing has been deleted from section 4.2.1 paragraph 2 and item 12 of Annex 1, at QETE’s request since they are no longer able to provide this testing service for the public.
  3. In section 8.0, EPIRBs of COSPAS/SARSAT Class 1 (-40° to +55°C) and Class 2 (-20° to +55°) have been replaced by: CANADA Class 1, float free, (-20° to +55°C) and CANADA Class 2 manual activation (-20° to +55°C).
  4. A few minor text changes of an editorial nature (e.g. CCG (AMTJ) changed to CCG (AWTJ).

The Radio Equipment Technical Standards List (Category 1 Equipment Standards List) will be amended accordingly (to show the new issue number as RSS-187, Issue 3, Rev. 1).

Any inquiries on this Notice should be directed to: Manager, Radio Equipment Standards; E-mail:; telephone: 613-990-4699/fax: 613-990-3158.

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March 6, 1998

R.W. McCaughern
Director General
Spectrum Engineering

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