Archived — Notice No. DGTP-009-98

Telecommunications Act

Notice No. DGTP — 009-98 Withdrawal of a Petition to the Governor in Council

A Notice is hereby given of the withdrawal of a petition submitted by Teleglobe Canada Inc. to the Governor in Council under section 12 of the Telecommunications Act in regard to the decision issued on by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), "Proceeding to Review and Consider Whether to Vary Teleglobe Canada Inc. — Resale and Sharing of International Private Line Services, Telecom Decision CRTC 97-10".

On the CRTC issued Telecom Decision CRTC 97-10. On the CRTC initiated a proceeding to review Decision 97-10 and to consider whether it should be varied. In a decision issued the CRTC varied that aspect of Decision 97-10 dealing with switched hubbing.

The petition from Teleglobe Canada Inc. requested that the Governor in Council vary the decision or refer the matter back to the Commission.

On , Teleglobe Canada Inc. requested that its petition be withdrawn.

Michael Helm

Director General
Telecommunications Policy

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