Archived — Notice No. SMSE-009-98

Notice No. SMSE-009-98 — Redeployment Plan for Spectrum Efficient Land Mobile Equipment in the Frequency Range 100–500 MHz (RDP 100–500 MHz)


In view of the limited availability of radio frequency spectrum in the land mobile bands between 100 and 500 MHz in large urban areas of the country, the Department of Industry initiated in April, 1995 a process leading to a change in the spectrum management framework. This change, referred to as redeployment, or sometimes as refarming, will facilitate the introduction of more spectrum efficient equipment and systems, leading to increased overall traffic capacity of the bands, as part of long term solutions in meeting mobile spectrum needs.

The changes to the spectrum management framework that are presented in the redeployment plan follow the guiding principles established in the Spectrum Policy 30-896 MHz, Part II, issued in April, 95 and the consultation with the Radio Advisory Board of Canada. The Department will use several spectrum management tools, including policy, equipment certification and authorization provisions, to achieve the redeployment objectives. Also, the plan provides incentives for voluntary early deployment of more spectrum efficient technologies, i.e., based on demonstrated need, applicants will be able to use a portion of the spectrum that is freed-up through early deployment. The Department also foresees that when the new licence fee model is implemented, using more spectrum efficient equipment may result in some reduction in licence fees. In addition, the plan is scheduled according to a time frame in two phases, to allow graceful migration to more spectrum efficient technologies.

The provisions of the redeployment plan will be applicable within congested areas, i.e., areas of intensive mobile use, where applicants are denied access to spectrum. These provisions may also be applied to assignments in areas surrounding the congested areas if they are expected to impact the availability of spectrum within the congested areas. The frequency bands to which this plan applies are the Land Mobile Service bands in the range 100–500 MHz. A list of the specific bands is provided in the redeployment plan.

The redeployment plan is available electronically via the Internet as follows:

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Robert W. McCaughern

Director General
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