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Notice No. SMSE-011-98

On May 14, 1998, Canada and the European Commission signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement aimed at reducing technical barriers to trade in a wide range of products. The Agreement covers the following sectors: telecommunications products, medical devices, pharmaceutical products, recreational boats, electric goods and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Under the Agreement, European regulators would permit Canadian organizations to carry out inspection, testing and product approvals to European requirements and vice versa. This Agreement ensures that domestic regulations do not emerge as the main barrier to bilateral Canada-European Union trade.

The overall authority for the implementation of this Agreement rests with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Industry Canada will manage the implementation of the Telecom and EMC sectoral annexes. The Telecom sectoral annex includes telecommunications terminal equipment, information technology equipment and radio transmitters. During an 18 month transition phase, to commence November 1, 1998, each party will accept test reports from the exporting party's testing laboratories that have been designated by the exporting party to the importing party's requirements. Upon successful completion of the transition phase, each party will accept product certification from the exporting party's certification bodies that have been designated by the exporting party to the importing party's requirements.

To facilitate the implementation of those topics in this Agreement under Industry Canada's responsibilty, each party will sponsor one seminar concerning technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures for telecommunications terminal equipment, radio transmitters, information technology equipment and EMC. The seminar given by EU officials and representatives will take place in the Spring 1999 in North America.

As part of the transition phase Industry Canada will designate Canadian testing laboratories which qualify to test to European requirements.

Parties interested in attending the seminar on European regulations and conformity assessment procedures, or Canadian testing laboratories interested in being designated by Industry Canada as a testing laboratory to the European requirements are requested to provide their coordinates including a facsimile number and an Internet e-mail address to Mr. Andrew Kwan, Standards and Interconnection Directorate, Industry Canada, 300 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C8, by facsimile at 613-957-8845 or at the Internet address

Interested parties will be notified directly of the exact date and location of the seminar and the process to be followed to qualify as a testing laboratory designated to European requirements. All comments or questions can be addressed to Mr. Andrew Kwan at the address above.

Dated at Ottawa, this

R.W. McCaughern

Director General
Spectrum Engineering Branch

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