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Notice No. SMBR-002-99DTV (Digital Television) Transition Allotment Plan, Issue 2


Industry Canada announces publication of the DTV Transition Allotment Plan, Issue 2. The Plan is predicated on the use of the A/53 Digital TV Standard which was adopted as the DTV standard for Canada in Gazette Notice No. SMBR-004-97, "Adoption of Standard for Digital Television (DTV) Broadcasting in Canada," published on . It is designed to provide for the introduction of DTV undertakings as well as continue to accommodate the existing NTSC undertakings during the transition period. Thereafter, DTV only will remain.

Industry Canada received seven responses to Notice No. SMBR - 002 - 98, DTV (Digital Television) Transition Allotment Plan which was published in the Canada Gazette on . Comments received were generally in agreement with the allotment strategy adopted for the Plan. Particular issues raised by respondents were resolved by direct discussion with them.

DTV Transition Allotment Plan Description

The allotment criteria which were used to develop the Plan are listed in the Preamble to the Plan. The Plan provides for a DTV allotment for each existing regular and low power NTSC station, for most unassigned NTSC allotments and for each application existing as of . However, the continued availability of both DTV and NTSC allotments will depend on the applications received for the digital service and any modifications made to the Plan during the licensing process. The Plan consists of a table with headings for NTSC and DTV channels, class of undertaking, geographical coordinates and municipality.

Availability of DTV Allotments

Existing broadcasters can now access the new DTV allotments that will enable them to transmit in digital mode, to replace the analogue transmissions, subject to licensing approval from the CRTC and authorisation from Industry Canada. The same procedure will apply to applicants for new stations.

Coordination with the United States

The plan was developed taking into account US DTV allotments and existing US regular NTSC stations.

As usual, allotments near the border area need to be coordinated with the United States. Discussions between Industry Canada and USA officials to reduce incompatibilities as much as possible are in progress. Any resulting changes will be published when an agreement is reached with the United States.

Further Information

The DTV Transition Allotment Plan is available electronically on the Internet at the following WWW address: for the English version and for the French version.

Inquiries regarding the Plan may be sent to the Director, Broadcast Planning and Technical Policy Division (DBCP), Spectrum Engineering Branch, Industry Canada, 300 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C8, telephone 613-998-2916, or at the Internet address in the case of e-mail.

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Director General
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