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NOTE: The following is a list of documents related to the subject of spectrum auctioning. It is by no means an exhaustive list. Interested readers may wish to consult the bibliographies of the papers listed below or the websites of other spectrum management administrations.


"The Law and Economics of Property Rights to Radio Spectrum, A Conference sponsored by the Program on Telecommunications Policy, Institute of Governmental Affairs, University of California, Davis", The Journal of Law and Economics, volume XLI (2) (PT. 2), October 1998.

"Spectrum Property Rights and Practical Auction Design: The Australian Experience," Ian Hayne, Submitted to the 1997 Industry Economics Conference Making Competitive Markets, Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, July 1997.

"ERMES-Auction in Germany: First Simultaneous Multiple-Round Auction in the European Telecommunications Market," Keuter, Alfons and Nett, Lorenz, Telecommunications Policy, 21(4), May 1997, pages 297-307.

"Analyzing the Airwaves Auction," McAfee, R. Preston and McMillan, John, Journal of Economic Perspectives 10(1), Winter 1996, pages 159-75.

"Money Out of Thin Air: The Nationwide Narrowband PCS Auction," Cramton, Peter C., Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 4(2), Summer 1995, pages 267-343.

"Auctioning the Airwaves: The Contest for Broadband PCS Spectrum," Chakravorti, Bhaskar et al, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 4(2), Summer 1995, pages 345-73.

"Why Auction the Spectrum?" McMillan, John, Telecommunications Policy 19(3), April 1995, pages 191-99.

"Selling Spectrum Rights," McMillan, John, Journal of Economic Perspectives 8(3), Summer 1994, pages 145-62.

"Auctions and Bidding," McAfee, R. Preston and McMillan, John, Journal of Economic Literature 25(2), June 1987, pages 699-738.

"A Theory of Auctions and Competitive Bidding," Milgrom, Paul R. and Weber, Robert J. Econometrica 50(5), September 1982, pages 1089-1122.

"Property rights in radiation: an alternative approach to radio frequency allocation," Minasian, J. R., Journal of Law and Economics (18), April 1975.

"The Federal Communications Commission," Coase, R. H., Journal of Law and Economics (2), October 1959, pages 1-40.

Government Publications - Canada

Consultation on Issues Related to Spectrum Auctioning, Industry Canada, August 1997.

Review of the Comparative Selection and Radio Licensing Process: Findings, Industry Canada, February 1996.

Public Review of the Comparative Selection and Licensing Process, Industry Canada, April 1994.

A Spectrum Policy Framework for Canada, Communications Canada, June 2007.

Spectrum Management: An Integrated Model of Management Alternatives and their Economic Implications, Elliot, Liefield and Spence, Department of Communications Telecommission Study 2(c), July 1970.

Government Publications - Foreign


Implementing Spectrum Licensing, Spectrum Management Agency, 1995

Management of the Radio Frequency Spectrum: An Economic Analysis, Bureau of Transport and Communications Economics, September 1990.


Frequency Regulation in the Federal Republic of Germany, Report by the "Committee of Experts on Basic Frequency Regulation Matters in Civil Telecommunications," commissioned by the Federal Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, June 1991.

New Zealand

Radio Spectrum Auctions: General Information, Ministry of Commerce, July 1997.

Radiocommunications Act Review Discussion Paper: Preliminary Conclusions, Ministry of Commerce, December 1995.

Review Of Management Policies For Broadcast Spectrum, Ministry of Commerce, December 1995.

United Kingdom

Strategy For The Use Of The Radio Spectrum In The UK, Radiocommunications Agency, May 1997.

Spectrum Management: into the 21st Century - The Response to the White Paper, Radiocommunications Agency, December 1996.

Spectrum Management: into the 21st Century, Radiocommunications Agency, June 1996.

United States

The FCC Report To Congress on Spectrum Auctions, Federal Communications Commission, October 1997.

Where Do We Go From Here? The FCC Auctions and the Future of Radio Spectrum Management, Congressional Budget Office, April 1997.

Using Market-Based Spectrum Policy to Promote the Public Interest, Rosston, Gregory L. and Steinberg, Jeffrey S., Federal Communications Commission (Staff White Paper), January 1997.

Auctioning Radio Spectrum Licenses, Congressional Budget Office, March 1992.

U.S. Spectrum Management Policy: An Agenda for the Future, Mobsbacher, Robert A. and Obuchowski, Jasmine, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration Special Publication 91-23, February 1991.

Using Auctions To Select FCC Licenses, OPP Working Paper No. 16, Office of Plans and Policy, Federal Communications Commission, May 1985.

International Telecommunication Union

Economic Aspects of Spectrum Management, ITU-R Report SM.2012, October 1997.

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