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Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. DGRB-003-99/DGTP-005-99

This Notice announces the release of the paper entitled "Policy and Licensing Procedures for the Auction of the 24 and 38 GHz Frequency Bands". The purpose of this document is to facilitate the timely and orderly implementation within Canada of broadband wireless telecommunications in portions of the 24 and 38 GHz frequency range, by providing the policy and licensing procedures to participate in this competitive licensing process. This Notice and the above-noted paper initiate the licensing process for these frequency bands by first calling for notification of interest and subsequently, completed application forms and financial deposits.

On September 5, 1998, Industry Canada issued Gazette Notice DGRB-003-98, entitled "Consultation on the 24 and 38 GHz Frequency Bands: Proposed Policy and Licensing Procedures". That Notice sought comments on the process to issue licences for exclusive access to spectrum bands in service areas across Canada. In response to the Notice, twenty submissions were received from interested parties.

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