Archived — List of Additional Licences Available for the Auction of Additional PCS Spectrum in the 2 GHz Frequency Range — November 8, 2000

List of Additional Licences Available for the Auction of Additional PCS Spectrum in the 2 GHz Frequency Range - November 8, 2000
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On October 25, 2000, the Department released a copy of a letter issued to TELUS Corporation and Clearnet Communications Inc. indicating that 20 MHz of spectrum held in excess of the spectrum aggregation limit in Alberta and parts of British Colombia and Quebec would be returned to the Department. As outlined in section 10.3.4 of the Amendments and Supplements and Clarification Questions to the Policy and Licensing Procedures for the Auction of Additional Spectrum in the 2GHz Frequency Range, this spectrum will be included in the current auction.

By its letter of Wednesday, November 8, 2000, the Department amended the spectrum authorizations held by TELUS and its affiliates to bring the entities into compliance with the spectrum aggregation limit. The amendment requires that the existing PCS spectrum block B/B' be subdivided into three equal blocks of 10 MHz (consisting of 5 + 5 MHz symmetrically-paired blocks). Table 4.1 (PCS Spectrum Block) below has been updated to reflect the additional spectrum blocks being added to the auction, their labels and frequency parameters.

Table 4.1 - PCS Spectrum Blocks (Revised November 8, 2000)
Spectrum Block Auction Label Lower Frequency (MHz) Upper Frequency (MHz)
C1/C1' A 1895 – 1900 1975 – 1980
C2/C2' B 1900 – 1905 1980 – 1985
C3/C3' C 1905 – 1910 1985 – 1990
E/E' D 1885 – 1890 1965 – 1970
B2/B2' E 1875 – 1880 1955 – 1960
B3/B3' F 1880 – 1885 1960 – 1965
D/D' G 1865 – 1870 1945 – 1950

The spectrum will be returned in those areas where the spectrum cap was exceeded and as a result six new licences will be included in the auction. A new service area (2-15) has been added to represent the PCS operating area of Quebec Telephone. The B2/B2' and B3/B3' licences in British Columbia fall only within the TELUS operating area and do not include Prince Rupert and parts of Northern BC. A new service area (2-16) has been created to reflect the exact geographical boundary for these licences in BC. Given that the population covered within the TELUS area constitutes the majority of the population within service area 2-13, the eligibility points and deposit for the additional licences in BC will be the same as for service area 2-13.

Appendices 1 and 7 have been amended to reflect the additional licences that will be available in the auction. The six new licences and service areas (2-15 and 2-16) are identified in Table 1 on the following page and Appendix 10 (attached).

This increase in the number of licences available will also increase the total amount of eligibility points, however no bidder will be given more eligibility points that it can possibly use without violating the spectrum aggregation limit, therefore the maximum number of points will increase from 1172 to 1247. Thus, the total initial deposit for the maximum amount of spectrum permitted under the spectrum aggregation limits will increase from $229,900,000 to $244,900,000. These changes will affect the examples noted in section 6.1.1 (Financial Deposit), and section 7.4 (Bidder Eligibility Points). Appendix 4 (Application to Participate) previously revised on October 17, 2000 has also been again updated to reflect these changes.

Table 1 - New Licences Service Areas
Licence Service Area Population Frequency (MHz) Eligibility Points Opening Bid ($)
2-12e Alberta 2,704,291 1875 B 1880 / 1955 B 1960 30 3,600,000
2-12f Alberta 2,704,291 1880 B 1885 / 1960 B 1965 30 3,600,000
2-16e British Columbia (Telus' Operating Area) 3,724,500 1875 B 1880 / 1955 B 1960 40 4,800,000
2-16f British Columbia (Telus' Operating Area) 3,724,500 1880 B 1885 / 1960 B 1965 40 4,800,000
2-15f QuebecTel 540,375 1880 B 1885 / 1960 B 1965 5 300,000
2-15g QuebecTel 540,375 1865 B 1870 / 1945 B 1950 5 300,000

As a reminder, the application form, the associated documents that may be required (as per the instructions provided on the various forms), and the financial deposit are to be physically delivered by 5:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time (E.D.T.), November 14, 2000, to:

Manager, Wireless Networks
Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulatory Branch
Industry Canada
Room 1522A, 15th Floor
300 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0C8
Telephone: (613) 990-7176
Fax: (613) 991-3514

Please note that Federal Government offices will be closed for Remembrance Day on November 13, 2000.

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