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Telecommunications Terminal Equipment — Declaration of Conformity — Information you should know...


This brochure is intended to inform industry and the general public about the Industry Canada regulatory requirements that terminal equipment must meet before it can be connected to Canadian telecommunications networks.


Under the Telecommunications Act, as amended in 1998, it is specified that no person can distribute, lease, offer for sale, sell or import telecommunications apparatus where technical requirements are to be met and markings are required, unless the apparatus complies with those requirements.

The technical requirements referred to in the Telecommunications Act and the Telecommunications Apparatus Regulations ensure that the electrical energy transmitted by the terminal equipment does not harm the carrier's equipment, is not hazardous to the carrier's personnel, and does not degrade the service quality of other users. They also ensure that hearing impaired persons can obtain terminal equipment that will provide them with reasonable access to telecommunications networks.


In order to be compliant with the Telecommunications Apparatus Regulations, terminal equipment must meet the following requirements:

Declaration of Conformity (DoC):

DoC is a process by which the party responsible for the equipment's compliance declares to Industry Canada that the terminal equipment meets the applicable technical specifications.

As a confirmation that a DoC was properly submitted to Industry Canada, the declared equipment will be registered in the Terminal Equipment List.

A compliance folder must be kept by the declaring party and submitted to Industry Canada upon request. These requirements are explained in more detail in the Procedure for Declaration of Conformity and Registration of Terminal Equipment (DC-01).


Terminal equipment must be tested by a recognized testing laboratory to ensure that it complies with the applicable technical specifications. Terminal equipment specifications, such as CS-03, are listed in the Terminal Equipment - Technical Specifications List.

A list of recognized testing laboratories is maintained by Industry Canada.


The terminal equipment registration and model identification must be marked or affixed in a visible location on the terminal equipment. The generic form at of the Industry Canada registration number is:

IC: Company No.-Unique Product No.

Example: IC:123A-1234AB


Industry Canada has implemented market surveillance and import monitoring to verify that the above requirements are met.

The Telecommunications Act provides for inspections, investigations and enforcement including fines and forfeiture of equipment.

Telecommunications carriers are allowed, through their general tariffs, to refuse or disconnect services to a client using equipment that is not compliant with the applicable technical requirements.

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