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Notice No. SMBR-001-03 — Application of Buena Vista Datacasting LLC for the Approval of the Use of System for Insertion of Non-Video Data

On July 22, 2003, Buena Vista Datacasting LLC ("Buena Vista") applied to request advanced approval of its system for inserting digital data into the standard NTSC television broadcast signal (dNTSC), also known as Dotcast dNTSC System, pursuant to Section 4.3 of Broadcasting Procedures and Rules Part 4 (BPR-4) of Industry Canada.

After reviewing the information on the impact of inserting digital data on the host channel signal and on the adjacent channel signals, as presented by Buena Vista, Industry Canada intends to allow the use of the Dotcast dNTSC system as described in the Buena Vista application. As of the date of the publication of this notice, the Dotcast dNTSC system can be used by the holder of the broadcast certificate without further consent of the Department provided its operation is in accordance with the technical information submitted to Industry Canada by Buena Vista.

Conditions for System Approval

Approval of the Dotcast dNTSC system is based on Section 4.3 of BPR-4 which sets out the criteria for advanced approval of insertion of non-video information into the active portion of the NTSC signal. These are as follows:

  1. The insertion of the data shall not cause objectionable degradation to any portion of the image, to the sound or to the program related data.
  2. Emissions outside the authorized 6 MHz television channel shall continue to comply with the limits as outlined in the Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standard 4 (BETS-4). Also, the insertion of the data shall not increase the co-channel or adjacent channel protection ratio requirements (D/U) in order to achieve the same level of protection.

Application Requirements for Ancillary Services

Section 4.4 of BPR-4 establishes the requirements for ancillary services. Licensees of television broadcasting undertakings who would like to initiate ancillary services for broadcast purposes shall notify the intended use to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) prior to the transmission of the signal. Industry Canada requires a notification of data insertion method and a statement that the proposed facilities meet the requirements of BPR-4 and Broadcast Transmission Standards 3 (BTS-3).

The Dotcast dNTSC data capacity system may be used for non-broadcasting applications. Such applications are authorized under the Radiocommunication Act and Radiocommunication Regulations and are subject to the applicable authorization fee and any requirements under the Telecommunications Act.

Further Information

BPR-4, BETS-4 and BTS-3 can be downloaded from Industry Canada's Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Web site at:

Information on the Dotcast dNTSC system and on the test results can be obtained by contacting Jack Dadourian, Manager of Terrestrial Broadcasting and Multimedia at or 613-990-4953.

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December 6, 2003

R.W. McCaughern
Director General
Spectrum Engineering Branch

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