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Report On the National Antenna Tower Policy Review

Section E — Conclusion

The Canadian radiocommunication sector has grown remarkably over the past 15 years in response to the growing demand for better communication at work and at home, in business, in public services and in support of electronic commerce. These demands and our appetite for advanced wireless and digital broadcasting services are causing a substantial increase in network infrastructure, including the visible aspect of that infrastructure, antenna towers.

The National Antenna Tower Policy Review was mandated to "conduct a thorough study and public consultation on the current environment related to the placement of radio antenna towers in Canada." That study and public consultation were initiated in April 2003 and this report brings them to a conclusion. To that end, this report gathers together information from all relevant sources in order to make recommendations regarding the future direction of telecommunications policy in Canada which embrace the dual objectives of community involvement in tower approval processes and expansion of the economic and social benefits of wireless technologies across Canada.

In particular, recommendations regarding the mandated policy review questions have been made following detailed analyses of all available materials and input, including: Formal Written Submissions, e-town hall data (including survey questionnaires and discussion forum), numerous in-person and teleconference meetings with stakeholders, hundreds of email comments and phone calls, informal submissions, literature review research, legal research, and, importantly, the advice and feedback of the National Antenna Tower Review Advisory Committee.

For many years Canada has had a strong reputation internationally for its approaches to radiofrequency spectrum management issues. Canadian solutions to spectrum challenges are often applied by other nations. In relation to the establishment of network infrastructure it is time for Canada to find an appropriate balance between radio engineering and social objectives within its radio regulatory policies. Hopefully this report will assist in that task.

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