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Archived — Gazette Notice SMBR-002-05

Industry Canada

Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMBR-002-05Digital Television (DTV) Transition Allotment Plan, Issue 3

The Department announces publication of the DTV Transition Allotment Plan, Issue 33.

In October 2004, the Department issued Gazette Notice DGTP-002-04 to announce a new spectrum utilization policy for the 700 MHz band. This spectrum utilization policy allocated the frequency sub-bands 764-770 MHz, 770-776 MHz, 794-800 MHz and 800-806 MHz 1 to mobile services for public safety communications. This re-allocation of broadcasting spectrum to mobile services required some adjustments to the current DTV transition allotment plan. This new Issue 3 of the DTV transition plan provides new channel allotments for an NTSC 2 station operating on channel 68 as well as for 12 planned DTV stations allotted on television channels 63 and 68. The list of allotments in Issue 3 reflects these amendments.

The Department proceeded with these adjustments to the allotments after coordination with the United States of America. Accordingly, the Letter of Understanding Between the Federal Communications Commission of the United States of America and Industry Canada Related to the Use of the 54-72 MHz, 76-88 MHz , 174-216 MHz and 470-806 MHz Bands for the Digital Television Broadcasting Service Along the Common Border was amended to reflect the necessary changes.

The latest changes to television allotments and assignments are in the departmental broadcast television database. Parties interested in the latest additions or changes should contact the Directorate, Broadcasting Applications Engineering at 613-990-4948.

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May 21, 2005

R.W. McCaughern
Director General
Spectrum Engineering Branch


1 TV channel pairs 63/68 and 64/69 respectively.

2 NTSC stands for National Television System Committee, which developed the NTSC television broadcast system standard in 1953.

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