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Notice No. SMBR-001-05 — New Broadcasting Procedures and Rules Part 8 (BPR-8) for Broadcasting Receiving Undertakings (Cable Television) in Replacement of Broadcasting Procedure 23

The Department announces the issue of a new Broadcasting Procedures and Rules Part 8, replacing Broadcasting Procedure 23 (BP-23) and amendments, on the requirements for leakage control of those frequencies that can potentially interfere with aircraft aeronautical communication systems.

Broadcasting receiving undertakings can use frequencies that are currently assigned to aircraft operational communications. In order to ensure interference-free operations of the airborne receivers, cable operators must have in place a program of maintenance, signal leakage control and response procedures. These control mechanisms were put in place in 1995 and have not been modified to reflect progress in monitoring and measurement technologies. The proposed amendments aim at improving the efficiency of the leakage control verification procedures while ensuring the integrity of the aeronautical operational communications; they have been extensively coordinated with Transport Canada and NAV CANADA.


Presently, an applicant wishing to use channels A-1, A-2, EE and FF must demonstrate through a detailed report that adequate control of the electromagnetic leakage is in place to protect aeronautical communication systems. The applicant must also submit a detailed report on leakage control (including results of measurements), maintenance and response to interference problems every seven years as a condition of certificate renewal.

The new BPR-8 maintain the requirements and format of the initial report described in BP-23 and introduce a new requirement for a supplementary report to be forwarded to the Department every two years thereafter. This supplementary report must include any changes made to the cable system, the results of leakage measurements and the corrective actions taken to ensure continuing compliance with the leakage limits. The format of the supplementary report is given in Appendix B of the new BPR. The Department may carry out its own leakage patrol and provide corrective measures if deemed necessary.

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July 2, 2005

R. W. McCaughern
Director General
Spectrum Engineering Branch

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