SAB-001-06 — Moratorium on Fixed Services in the Band 5850–5925 MHz

June 2006

This is an official notification that effective July 1, 2006, no new fixed microwave radio systems will be authorized in the frequency band 5850–5925 MHz.

In the revisions to spectrum utilization policies in the 3–30 GHz range, released October 2004 (DGTP-008-04), Industry Canada added a mobile allocation to the band 5850–5925 MHz and designated its use for Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) systems to support Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications. At that time, new fixed service users were encouraged to the extent practicable to use spectrum in the adjacent band 5925–6425 MHz. In anticipation that the entire band will eventually be required for ITS applications, the Department is now in a position to impose a moratorium to cease new fixed radio system authorizations in the band 5850–5925 MHz.

The Department will be consulting to determine the precise definition of use and eligibility for use of ITS applications in the near future, including any necessary provisions for transition.

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