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Archived—Gazette Notice DGTP-007-07

Department of Industry

Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. DGTP-007-07 - Policy Framework for the Auction for Spectrum Licences for Advanced Wireless Services and other Spectrum in the 2 GHz Range


On November 28, 2007, the Minister announced the policy framework for Advanced Wireless Services in a news release. This notice announces the release of the Policy Framework for the Auction for Spectrum Licences for Advanced Wireless Services and other Spectrum in the 2 GHz Range, which can be viewed on Industry Canada's Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website at

The policy framework provides decisions on key elements for the upcoming spectrum auction. All decisions are final.


In February 2007, Industry Canada announced in Canada Gazette notice DGTP-002-07, the release of a paper entitled Consultation on a Framework to Auction Spectrum in the 2 GHz Range including Advanced Wireless Services. Part I outlined allocation changes to the Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations for bands in the 1710-2200 MHz range, designated spectrum for AWS, expanded the 1900 MHz PCS licensed bands, and finalized the allocation changes for the band 1670-1675 MHz. Part II of the paper initiated a consultation on policy issues and the process to issue licences for access to spectrum bands in service areas across Canada. In response to that consultation, Industry Canada received 60 comments and reply comments from interested parties, by the closing date of July 27, 2007.

Next Steps

The Department will release before the end of 2007, an auction framework document for potential auction participants. It will elaborate auction application procedures, licensing parameters, technical considerations, bidder applications and timing for next steps such as a mock auction for bidder familiarization.

In addition, the Department has released a supplementary consultation (DGRB-010-07) on specific conditions of licence for current licensees with respect to the implementation of policy measures relating to mandatory antenna tower and site sharing and mandated roaming. The consultation proposes new wording of the conditions of licence, and provisions on the operative conditions such as dispute resolution mechanisms and time frames. Following the close of the supplementary consultation, the Department will make public the final conditions of licence so that all those affected are aware of the changes prior to the deadline for auction applications.

The Department will apply similar technical standards to AWS, as are currently used for PCS, where possible. The appropriate Standard Radio System Plan (SRSP) and Radio Standards Specification (RSS) will be updated in consultation with the industry and in accordance with usual practices.

The Department intends to move quickly to ensure there are no delays in the auction, which will start May 27, 2008.

Obtaining Copies

Copies of this notice and documents referred to are available electronically on the Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website at:

Official versions of Canada Gazette notices can be viewed on the Canada Gazette website at: Printed copies of notices can be ordered by calling the sales counter of Canadian Government Publishing at 613-941-5995 or 1-800-635-7943.

November 29, 2007

Leonard St-Aubin
Director General
Telecommunications Policy Branch

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