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Archived — Response from Industry Canada

Mr. Michael Kedar
Mobilexchange Spectrum Inc.
1090 Don Mills Rd, Ste 602
Toronto, ON M3C 3R6

Mr Kedar:

Thank you for your letter of April 28, 2008. In your request for an extension to the comment period, you note that the issues are complex and the impacts are substantial for the licensees. You also suggest that the impact of this consultation is far reaching and will set a precedent for other upcoming renewals.

Although the Department recognizes the importance of this consultation to the current licensees as well as others who are interested in acquiring spectrum at 24, 28 and 38 GHz, as was mentionned in the paper, the particular circumstances surrounding these frequency bands are in many ways unique and the decisions resulting from this process should not be considered as a precedent that will be applied to future renewals. In fact, the Department is committed to a future consultation on the updating of the Spectrum Auction Framework wherein we will consult on, amongst other things, general rules for renewal that would apply broadly across long term licences.

In issuing the current consultation paper on the renewal of 24 and 38 GHz licences, the Department considered that the issues to be discussed are relatively straight-forward and that a consultation period of two months would be sufficient. For the same reason, a reply comment was not considered to be necessary.

In response to your request, the Department will extend the comment period to June 19th. With respect to your request for a reply comment period, noting that we have not had any other similar requests, the Department will not add a reply comment period to the process at this point in time but reserves the right to do so if the comments received in the first round warrant it.


Michael D. Connolly
Director General
Radiocommunications Regulatory Branch

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