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RSS-210 — Licence-exempt Radio Apparatus (All Frequency Bands): Category I Equipment


Radio Standards Specification RSS-210, Issue 8, Licence-exempt Radio Apparatus (All Frequency Bands): Category I Equipment, replaces RSS-210, Issue 7, Low-power Licence-exempt Radiocommunication Devices (All Frequency Bands): Category I Equipment, dated June 2007.

This document will be in force as of the publication date of Notice No. SMSE-016-10 in Canada Gazette, Part I. Upon publication, the public has 120 days to submit comments. The comments received will be taken into account in the preparation of the next version of the document.

List of Changes:

  1. The two tables for general field strength limits and the table of restricted frequency bands have been transferred to RSS-Gen.
  2. Annex 1: The tables for limits applicable to momentary operation and for reduced limits for momentary operation have been moved from the introductory section of RSS-210 to Annex 1.
  3. Annex 2, Section A2.8: Field strength compliance of 100 µV/m measured at 30 metres has been removed, and the measurement method for FM modulators has been clarified.
  4. Annex 2, Section A2.9: The use of detector functions in the limits shown in the table has been clarified.
  5. Annex 4: New requirements for medical telemetry devices in the bands 1395–1400 MHz and 1427–1429.5 MHz have been added (new Section A4.5).
  6. Section A4.4: Information related to the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO) in the notice to users of 608–614 MHz medical telemetry devices has been updated.
  7. Annex 6, sections A6.2.5 (b)(i) and (ii): In each of these two paragraphs, a typographical error showing "300 kHz" as the measurement bandwidth has been corrected to "300 Hz."
  8. Annex 7, introductory paragraph: Text excluding perimeter protection systems from requirements has been clarified.
  9. Annex 14 (New): A new annex has been added setting out requirements for wideband devices in the band 5925–7250 MHz.

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