Transfer of Spectrum Licences Held by Monophone Inc. (Monophone) to Silo Wireless Inc. (Silo)

March 6, 2014

Transfer Decision


1. On November 28, 2013, Monophone and Silo submitted a joint application to Industry Canada, for the approval of a Transfer of Monophone’s spectrum licence in Strathroy, Ontario, in the 2300 MHz Wireless Communication Service (WCS) band, as set out in Annex A.

2. The proposed transaction triggers an assessment under the Framework Relating to Transfers, Divisions and Subordinate Licensing of Spectrum Licences for Commercial Mobile Spectrum (Transfers Framework).

3. The capitalized terms not defined in this transfer decision have the meaning set out in the Transfers Framework.


4. The Transfer of the spectrum licence from Monophone to Silo, as set out in Annex A, is approved.


5. The Transfer was assessed against the policy objectives and the criteria set out in the Transfers Framework.

6. Industry Canada notes that the transaction will not result in a significant change in spectrum concentration.

7. The Department has determined that the Transfer of this spectrum licence would not significantly impact the ability of existing and future competitors to provide service in the relevant area.

Annex A

Spectrum Licence to be Transferred from Monophone Inc. to Silo Wireless Inc.
Tier Service Area Name Wireless Communication Services (WCS) Block Licence Number
4-093 Strathroy W 5088760
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