Deemed Transfer of Spectrum Licence held by Bruce Telecom of the Municipality of Kincardine (Bruce Telecom) to Bragg Communications Inc. (Bragg)

Posted on Industry Canada website: May 22, 2014
Updated: December 04, 2014


December, 2014

Bragg Communications Inc. (Bragg) and Bruce Telecom of the Municipality of Kincardine (Bruce Telecom) terminated the transaction that would have resulted in the deemed transfer of the spectrum licence held by Bruce Telecom to Bragg. As such this Deemed Licence Transfer Decision has no effect.

Deemed Transfer Decision


1. On February 20, 2014, Bruce Telecom and Bragg (carrying on business as Eastlink) jointly submitted a request to Industry Canada for approval of the Deemed Transfer of a cellular spectrum licence, as set out in Annex A (the “Licence”), for the Kincardine-Port Elgin, Ontario area.

2. The application was reviewed under the relevant provisions of CPC 2-1-23, Licensing Procedure for Spectrum Licences for Terrestrial Services.

3. The capitalized terms not defined in this decision have the meaning set out in CPC 2-1-23.


4. The Deemed Transfer of the Licence from Bruce Telecom to Bragg is approved.


5. The application was assessed against the policy objectives and the criteria set out in Section 5.6 of CPC-2-1-23.

6. Industry Canada notes that the transaction will not result in a significant change in spectrum concentration in the relevant licence area.

7. The Department has determined that the Deemed Transfer of the Licence would not significantly impact the ability of existing and future competitors to provide service in the relevant licence areas.

Annex A

Spectrum Licence Affected by the Deemed Transfer from Bruce Telecom to Bragg Communications
Tier Service Area Name Cellular Block Licence Number
TEL-022 Port Elgin, Ontario B 5113417
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