Subordinate Licences for Spectrum Licences held by Sogetel Mobilité Inc. to Bell Mobility Inc.

Posted on Industry Canada website: September 4, 2014

Decision Regarding Subordinate Licences


1. On February 24, 2014, Industry Canada received an application for two subordinate spectrum licences in the cellular band from Sogetel Mobilité Inc. (Sogetel) to Bell Mobility Inc. (Bell) in Nantes, Que. and St-Liboire, Que. These licences are described in Annex A.

2. The application was reviewed under the relevant provisions of CPC-2-1-23, Licensing Procedure for Spectrum Licences for Terrestrial Services.

3. The capitalized terms not defined in this decision have the meaning set out in CPC-2-1-23.


4. The subordinate licensing application from Sogetel to Bell for spectrum licences is approved.


5. The application was assessed against the policy objectives and the criteria set out in Section 5.6 of CPC-2-1-23.

6. Industry Canada notes that Bell has held subordinate licences from Sogetel for cellular spectrum in these two areas since 1997.

7. Accordingly, these Subordinate Licences do not have a significant impact on the overall spectrum concentration. The Department has determined that the Subordinate Licences would not impact the ability of existing and future competitors to provide service in the relevant areas.

Annex A — Spectrum Licences included in the Subordinate Licence application from Sogetel Mobilité Inc. to Bell Mobility Inc.

Area Service Area Name Cellular BlockLicence Number
TEL-008Nantes, Quebec B1/B2 5146355
TEL-013 St-Liboire, Quebec B1/B2 5146351
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